Mass Media

CLIENT: National Publishing Corporation
MARKET: Mass Media
SITUATION: Our customer was struggling with the amount of time it took to order their office and print materials and wanted to streamline the process. Each location was purchasing from multiple vendors and they needed to consolidate their purchasing. Being in a business with constant deadlines, they wanted to focus on researching and reporting rather than compiling orders.
SOLUTION: American created an eStore that allowed each location to order their business cards, letterhead, forms, envelopes and labels in just a few clicks. We were able to integrate and personalize this online ordering solution to meet each location's unique needs, which provided an efficient and convenient outlet for ordering their office products and other print materials.
SUCCESS: Fewer headaches and more headlines! We were able to help simplify their daily operations by consolidating all their needs into one easy, convenient eCommerce solution. With less time spent on ordering materials, they were able to use their time more efficiently and effectively.
AMERICAN SOLUTIONS: Print & Document Solutions, Office Supplies and eCommerce Solutions