International Print to Mail Solution

Hybrid Mail….what is it and is it right for your company?

If your business communicates with its’ customers in the form of statements, invoices, past due notices, financial summaries or any other form of paper based sales and marketing messages, then you need to know about Hybrid Mail. Hybrid Mail is the safest, most secure method to reach your global audience and is rapidly being implemented by companies the world over.

In an era when businesses are looking to reign in print and postage costs, the HYBRID MAIL solution must be considered by mailers both large and small. Offering businesses more communications options to reach multiple targets through a single resource point has become our driving goal. We handle managing delivery preferences, data formats, and secure transfer of your critical data in order to offer businesses a single platform that can satisfy more consumer delivery preferences than any other available offering.

Chances are you have seen countless articles telling you to abandon paper and migrate to a pure electronic form of delivery, most notably an email. Truth be told, most Corporations continue to print and mail these critical business communications, either via a costly in-house solution or via an antiquated outsourced model. They do this for safety and security reasons because sending an email is not always the right way to communicate particularly with an international audience. We realize that pure electronic delivery (meaning an email) can be much cheaper and of course faster, but what good are these attributes if your message is lost in the clutter? Given a choice, recipients of business critical communications’ prefer good old fashioned paper based print and mail over an email 5 to one….put another way, less than 20% of people choose to migrate to emails if given the choice.

There is a solution that bridges the gap between print and mail and pure electronic, which is referred to as HYBRID MAIL. Our solution is quite easy to explain, yet incredibly complex in its development and deployment. We set out to adhere to the vast demands of compliance, security, ease of use and most importantly cost savings. Today DigitalToPrint  prints and mails business critical documents in over 140 locations spanning 60 countries’ day after day.

By working with the electronic makeup of these documents, we are able to securely encrypt, then route into our global network of Document Service Providers (DSP’s) who then download, print, intelligently insert and post in the country of destination via local first class postal rates. By printing and mailing nearer to the end destination we can save our clients up to 30% over the average cost of such services. Documents sent via ASB are delivered in 3-5 days anywhere in the world…safely, securely and via trusted means.

Benefits of HYBRID MAIL

  • Immediate cost savings on print and postage

  • Global deliveries in 3-5 days vs. traditional 10-14 days

  • Customization, personalization, variable data input

  • Ability to house electronic templates, populating with data transfers

  • Easy installation meeting all your firewall protocols via a turnkey solution

  • Cloud Based solution

  • On line dashboard for complete process overview

  • Address correction pre and post mailings

  • Language translations

  • On-line archiving, immediate search and review as well as reprint

  • Minimal IT resource requirements, we will work with you to connect securely

  • We have nearly 150 print partners in over 40 countries’, handling all forms of output

About DigitalToPrint

DigitalToPrint is the leader in the global hybrid mail and distributive print marketplace. Founded in 2002, they have been providing global solutions to multinational companies through their business process outsourcing model that moves the digital images of their clients paper based communications via a wholly owned and internally developed cloud based platform to a print partner in the country of destination for global simultaneous print and mail. Clients get faster domestic and international deliveries for lower print and postage prices while at the same time saving nearly 80% of the C02 emissions over conventional centralized print and mail offerings. Their solution provides an electronic dashboard that allows clients to watch and monitor the entire process, holding all participants accountable and allowing for total internal compliance.

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Mission Critical Communications

ASB is a single source for your business needs. Our comprehensive resources deliver true end-to-end services for communication and multichannel marketing program management. Our Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) platform addresses business needs across the entire communication services spectrum. From front-end marketing agency services and custom web applications, to commercial print, inventory management, multichannel marketing, direct mail, fulfillment, and distribution, American Solutions is the one source for your entire portfolio of communication and marketing management.

Mission Critical Communications

  • Whether you are personalizing a financial portfolio or customizing a message on a bank statement, ASB can provide the most secure and accurate delivery of your message.

  • American Solutions for Business has a data services team that has the expertise to help you deliver your mission critical communications that target the right message at the right time.

  • With local service but national scope, American Solutions can deliver to all points of your organization in the expected turn time and drive savings to your bottom line.

  • Applications Include: financial statements, custom financial report generation & other business communications.

Service & Governance Model

  • Flexible Service Hours

  • Ariba PunchOut Capabilities

  • Dedicated Account Teams

  • Flexible Web-based Client Service Portal

  • SLA & Compliance Management

  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

  • Multiple Redundant Facilities and Shifts 7 Days a Week 24/7

State-of-the-Art Facilities

  • American Solutions production facilities are SOC1/SSAE 16 Certified, GLBA & HIPAA Compliant

  • Quality management program is based on ISO 27001

  • Completed Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Services

  • Utilize technical, physical and administrative safeguards to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of all client information

  • Offer customized web portals for real time access to inventory, proofing and design a solution based on our client requirements

  • On-Site Postal Service

Security Safe Guards

  • Audited Traffic Reports

  • SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol)

  • Secure On-Site Document Shredding

  • Background Checks on Personnel

  • 24 Hour Web-Based Digital Video Surveillance

  • Departmental Security by Proximity Card

  • Co-location of Servers with Backup Generators

Comprehensive Resources


  • Data Composition

  • Data & Lead Management

  • Archival & Retrieval

  • Data Prep & Graphic Prepress

  • Digital Asset Management

  • Direct Marketing Campaigns

  • Digital Workflow Solutions

  • Cross-Media Marketing Campaigns

  • Custom Report Generation


  • Long-Run & Short-Run Printing

  • Financial Printing

  • Digital Printing

  • Transactional Printing

  • Web2Print Platforms

  • Personalized Print-On-Demand Content Systems

  • Comprehensive Lettershop Services

  • Intelligent Inserting and Barcoding

  • Direct Mail Printing, Imaging & Fulfillment

  • Presort & Commingle Postal Savings

  • Print Management & Digital Imaging


  • SLA Management

  • Expedited Services

  • International Mail

  • Online Inventory Management

  • Print Systems Integration

  • Third Party Logistics Management

  • Warehousing & Distribution Services

  • Web based Fulfillment

  • Freight and Carrier Discounts

Business Process Outsourcing

  • Document Print and Mail Services

  • Financial Analysis and Reporting


  • On-Site USPS Verification

  • Global Strategic Alliances

Certifications & Best Practices

  • ISO27001 Certified

  • G7 Master Printer Qualified

  • CASS Certified On-Site USPS

  • SOCI/SSAE 16 Type II Certified

  • HIPAA Risk Assessment Analysis

  • FDA GMP Compliant (Food & Drug Administration – Good Manufacturing Practices)

  • On-Site USPS Verification Facility

ASB can immediately save you time, money and internal resources on your global paper based communications

Why are you printing your statements and invoices internally and then handing off to a mail house for postal injection when you can outsource the entire process via ASB saving you time, money and the environment?
ASB perfected what is today known as HYBRID MAIL….we are the only company that provides global outsourcing of your paper and electronic based communications. Via a well established print and mail network in over 50 countries at 140+ sites we can do for your communications process what no one else can.
Reengineering the global process is what we do!

Your internal print and mail process is costing you 30% more than it should

Until now your only choice in distributing business critical documents such as statements, invoices, financial summaries, newsletters etc, has been to print them locally or in-house. Then you must deliver to a local mail house or letter shop to hand off to the post office. This results in your documents taking 10- 5 days to be delivered internationally… Why not print these documents in the country of destination via our global network of approved document service providers who then directly inject into their local postal stream for 2-3 day delivery? Within 24 hours of receiving your files, your documents are produced, intelligently inserted and injected into the local postal stream. How important is it for you to save time, money and the environment?
ASB is a strategic global document automation and delivery solution that revolutionizes document - based process automation and business communications. ASB automates the exchange of critical business data between your main frame data capture process and your customers, business partners, and suppliers regardless of source, format, required output or destination.
Today customers want a choice between hard copy print and soft copy text, emails and faxes. ASB provides these choices. In addition we provide additional features such as on-line, real-time document workflow viewing, document composition, digital archiving and more. ASB combines them all and more via our bespoke platform which we call JUPITER.

Are you generating any of the following?

  • Statements

  • Invoices

  • Newsletters

  • Direct mail

  • Financial summaries

  • Trade show materials

  • Letters

Why should you consider ASB?

We will reduce your postage costs
Mail a letter today from the USA to the UK. Postage which represents an estimated 65% of the full cost of a letter is $1.10 for the first ounce and will increase by at least 5% each and every year ! Print and mail that same letter in the UK and your postage price drops below $0.75. Allow us to optimize postage and we can reduce this even further …thats a 60% postal savings on 65% of your total cost…

We will reduce your transit times
Mail a letter from the USA to the UK via the USPS and it will be delivered in 7-10 days. Print and mail that same letter in the UK for the UK and that same letter can be delivered tomorrow.

Together we will save the environment.
Our technology promotes more efficient and enviromentally- friendly mailing techniques and each envelope sent via our HYBRID MAIL system reduces CO2 emmissions by 80% when compared to current methodologies.

“HYBRID MAIL is the most exciting thing to co me along in the print and mail industry in 25 years.”

Hybrid Mail is a term that has been in use for well over a quarter of a century. Its meaning has evolved and adapted over this period, particularly as the potential of internet based usage begun to be better understood and more securely utilized.
The classic postal definition of HYBRID MAIL assumes digital data being transformed into physical letter items at distributed print centers located closest to the final delivery address. As new forms of communications have developed, so a wider definition of HYBRID MAIL has evolved. Today delivery to the final destination can also be in other output formats such as email, text, sms or fax. Only ASB provides all of these services via a single platform