What is the Cheapest and Best Way to Attract and Retain New Clients?

A friend of mine has been a Real Estate Agent going on 40 years. He was buying

houses and fixing them up to sell, before it became all the rage.

I asked him what his secret to his success was. He told me there was a lot of reasons
why he is so successful, but on the top of his list was handwritten notes! It has
been the cheapest and best way to get and keep his customers.

His number one challenge was to make the time to write the notes. Writing notes takes work!
You need to set up a system that reminds you to write notes to your best customers asking for
referrals. Then set aside 30 minutes in the day and just write them out. I’ve also heard of business
people that just hire folks to hand write notes for them.

Overall he estimates his ROI over the years has been 20:1. What catches your customers’ or prospects’ eye is not the easy things, (like email) but the fact that you care enough to write a note.

An article by Michael Kazanluk “Building Loyalty: 6 Handwritten Note You Should Be Writing To Attract
& Retain Customers” will show you when you should be writing notes.
Having the right notes on hand is very important to this ongoing campaign. Below is a case study of how one national tire manufactures made it easy to make sure the right notes and greeting cards were available to the field.