Is The Pain of Lower Sales and Profits Making you Ready for a Change?


Pain is the Agent of Change!

I love the free enterprise system. I love the happiness that it brings when businesses and sales people have a great day, week, month, quarter, year, and decade. I also embrace the pain it brings when we don’t hit our numbers. What!!! You say!!! You embrace the pain. Yes I do, because; Pain is the agent of change! Pain is our friend! It won’t lie; cover up, cheat, steal, or blow smoke up your skirt. You need to listen to your pain. It will tell us when:

  • We are not keeping our customers happy

  • When we take our customers and clients for granted

  • We are not out developing new business

  • When we are not efficient in delivering our product or service

  • When we need to get off our butt and work smarter and harder

  • When something is wrong and we don’t know what it is

Sales are profits are eroding. You are looking to yourself and you say, I need to go out and get some new customer’s and business! What do I do?

  • Make more cold calls

  • Advertise more

  • Be more active on my social media sites

  • Revamp our website

  • Do more networking

These are all well and good but until you have a base to start from you don’t where to go. My suggestion, listen to the pain of lower sales and profits. Why is this happening?

  • Why am I loosing customers to my competition?

  • Why are customers asking me to quote on work we have done for years?

  • Have I showed my gratitude for the business I have received in the past?

  • What is it that I need to change to stop the bleeding?

These questions and many more need to be answered. And the only way you can get to those answers is to go out and ask questions, and be prepared to act on the answers.