10 Reasons Why You Should Print In The Country of Origin

When companies have to deliver marketing or operational printing to their branches, franchisees or agents, most just ship from the United States and don't think anything of it.

Below are 9 reasons why when you have a need to deliver international print to your customers and prospects, that you should print in country.

  1. No import taxes, duties and fees. You don’t know what that is until you are
    charged on your invoice
  2. Eliminates all chances of your product being held up in customs.
  3. Eliminates all chances of your product being opened an inspected by customs.
    Please note, they will open shrink wrap and will page through the product.
    They don’t never repack it the way it started out.
  4. Reduces the chances of damage to product.
  5. Shorter Delivery times. Typical delivery time 3-5 working days
  6. Emergency replacements. No matter what, there will be mistakes, customer gave us the wrong copy, damaged material in shipping,
    need more product. We have been able to produce a replacement order in 24hrs. When you ship it from USA overnight will take
    2-3 days and cost you 10X the cost of the original shipping charges, plus all the taxes duties and fees.
  7. Marketing budget vs operations budget. I have found that when you talk to the customer, a lot of times
    they can split the cost between marketing and operations. Marketing budget is just the cost of the printed item,
    operations picks up all the rest of the cost, such as the freight, taxes and duties. Please make sure you understand this
    when making you presentation.
  8. Your prospects ability to know exactly what their cost is for a job. When you ship overseas, all you know from UPS, FedEx and
    DHL is the cost of freight. They don’t add all the import taxes, duties and fees until you are invoiced. With American, there are no
    surprises, the customer know exactly what their cost will be. It is plus nothing in most cases. If the contract calls for it, we can separate
    out local delivery charges.
  9. Our prices are plus nothing. All prices include all VAT taxes from the local country. That could add as much 17% -25% to the sell price.
  10. Reduces your carbon footprint!

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