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Our June 2018 Monthly Rewards Recap is now available to read! Apple electronics continue their reign in redemptions, with tablets and wireless headphones still dominating the highest-ranking categories.

New to our collections this month, summer brings in a variety of items encouraging people to spend time with friends and family. With the Patio Sense 4-Piece Patio Set and Sony® 75” Bravia HDR 4K HD TV, participants can throw an Independence Day backyard party or host friends to watch the next big game.

As summer continues to roll in, vacations are sure to be on the forefront of everyone’s mind. Take advantage of experiential rewards to help your people plan their next big adventure, whether it be a week at Disney or a fami...

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I was visiting with my good friend. We were talking marketing and I don’t know how the subject came up but she said that she is not afraid to give her prospects the permission to say NO!


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Pain is the Agent of Change!

I love the free enterprise system. I love the happiness that it brings when businesses and sales people have a great day, week, month, quarter, year, and decade. I also embrace the pain it brings when we don’t hit our numbers. What!!! You say!!! You embrace the pain. Yes I do, because; Pain is the agent of change! Pain is our friend! It won’t lie; cover up, cheat, steal, or blow smoke up your skirt. You need to listen to your pain. It will tell us when:

  • We are not keeping our customers happy

  • When we take our customers and clients for granted

  • We are not out developing new business

  • When we are not efficient in delivering our product or service

  • When we need to get off our butt and work smarter and harder

  • When something is wrong and we don’t know what it is

Sales are profits are eroding. You are looking to yourself and you say, I need to go out and get some new customer’s and business! What do I do?

  • Make more cold calls

  • Advertise more

  • Be more active on my social media sites

  • Revamp our website

  • Do more networking

These are all well and good but until you have a base to start from you don’t where to go. My suggestion, listen to the pain of lower sales and profits. Why is this happening?

  • Why am I loosing customers to my competition?

  • Why are customers asking me to quote on work we have done for years?

  • Have I showed my gratitude for the business I have received in the past?

  • What is it that I need to change to stop the bleeding?

These questions and many more need to be answered. And the only way you can get to those answers is to go out and ask questions, and be prepared to act on the answers.

Our center pop design is to help your franchisee, distributors or retail sellers get the word out about your product. The mailer ships flat, but immediately pops up and upright making it ideas for direct mail solutions as well as POP display, No need to break you marketing budget. Minimum order of 10

Center Pop | American Solutions for Business

Uploaded by AmericanASB on 2018-04-03.

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“It’s a happy, emotional response that this is unique, and different, and effective.” At their core, every marketer wants the same reaction from an audience that an Art Director describes above when referencing a recent Pop-up Pen Holder he designed. “You guys offer some cool videos on your website,” he continued. “I shared one of those videos with our brand team and I could hear the sounds of delight and surprise when they saw how it pops up. So, right away, I knew emotionally people were excited about this and thought it was clever. This is a great way to grab your prospects attention.

Fish, Wildlife, & Parks Uses the Pop Up Pen Holder to Help Them Re-Brand and Stand Out

Uploaded by Red Paper Plane on 2018-05-14.

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Creativity is Taking Form Globally

If your day is anything like ours, you probably see many forms throughout your week. Whether you’re fixing your car, placing an order, or sending a document where it needs to go, forms are an omnipresent part of our lives. And chances are that your customers see just as many forms as you do.
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1) No import taxes, duties and fees. You don't know what these charges are until you get the invoice.
Their are no surprises!

2) Eliminates all chances of your product being held up in customs.

3) Reduces chances of your product being opened and inspected. Please not, they will open shrink wrap and will page through the product. They never repack it the way it started out.

4) Reduces the changes of damaged product.

5) Shorter delivery times - Production and delivery typically runs 3-5 days.

6) Emergency Replacements! No matter what; there will be mistakes, customer gave the printer the wrong copy, damage material in shipping, lost shipment. When you need more product, we have the ability to react much quicker. When you ship from the USA over...

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