About Us

Facts about american solutions for busines

With production facilities in 65 countries, American Solutions for Business have the largest on-demand printing network in the world. Some facts about the company:

  • Worldwide brand control: The equipment in our networks are calibrated identically to maintain your brand. Each location follows color protocols known as the 3 Delta E color process.
  • Order locally, print globally: Eliminating all the unforeseen pitfall and delays. Customs, international taxes, duties and fees are all eliminated.
  • Real-time shipping prices: Know your shipping cost immediately! No surprises here.
  • Automated tracking: With ground delivery, next day in many cases, you can track all shipments through your portal.
  • Currency exchange: You will know your exact cost in U.S. dollars at the time of checkout. You have complete control of all international printing and distribution expenses.
  • Always open: 24/7 global customer service available to service your every need. We are available on all holidays and weekends.

“Mike is more than sales representative. He is in tune with his customers needs, partners with this suppliers, and takes the time to develop solutions that make sense. Mike is leading his peers and in my mind setting the new professional standard in the Printed Forms and Promotional Products Industries. Pleasure to work with.”