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Allocations (Dollars and Percentages)

Allocation dollars are utilized by organizations to help control spending within cost centers, employees and departments. They are also called budget bucks, reward dollars and allowances. Here’s how allocation dollars work.

Allocation dollars are tied to username and password and can be applied toward purchases within one or more e-stores within the customer’s ACES site. Allocations can be utilized on both purchase order and credit card sites and the balance will always appear on each page within ACES.

If the allocated dollar amount is exceeded, there are three options available:

  1. The order routes for manager approval.
  2. The user is alerted to adjust the order prior to it going through.
  3. The user can continue on and pay for the excess amount on their credit card

Allocations can be set to expire on a specific date, carry over a balance or can be made available as a one-time use.

Reports are available for customers to review allocation balances by requesting it from their ACES project coordinator, who can also add allocation dollars at any time.

Discounts on ACES

The discount feature allows customers to apply a discount to merchandise on an ACES site. Discounts are often used for employee recognition, birthday or holiday gifts, customer appreciation programs, online ordering incentive and so on. Please note that discounts are only offered as percentages, not specific dollar amounts.
Discounts can be set up:

  • With or without a required discount code
  • With or without an expiration date
  • As a one-time or multiple uses reduction

e-gift codes

e-Gift codes are available in two options: regular e-gift codes to go against the total dollar amount of your order or free freight e-gift codes that are entered at checkout to negate the dollar amount for freight only.
Here’s how two e-gift code options work:

  1. Regular e-gift code: The user enters the e-gift code at the point of check out, and the amount of the e-gift code is applied to the order. If the order total exceeds the amount available, the user will be prompted to enter credit card information for the remaining balance. If the e-gift code balance is higher than the order total, the user can apply the e-gift code toward future purchases unless the e-gift code is set up as a one-time use. Please note that e-gift codes are only available in dollar amounts, not percentages.
  2. Free Freight e-gift code: These codes work very similar to the regular e-gift code except these codes are used specifically for free shipping. Like the other codes, these are entered at the point of check out, and it deducts the cost of shipping for the corresponding order.

An e-gift code is treated as a payment on an order or freight and is available for either one-time use, multiple uses, with an expiration date, or a combination of these options. For regular e-gift codes, American’s ACES system automatically and randomly assigns e-gift codes in corresponding values. For free freight e-gift codes, American can either generate a code or codes for one-time use or the customer can choose it for multiple use like Freefreight2016.

In either case, once the e-gift code has been redeemed, the customer is billed for the amount redeemed by the end user with no summary bill option. Both options are only available on credit card sites, and the two codes can be combined on one purchase like $50 off of the item and free shipping.

loyalty points

Points are utilized by organizations for incentives and loyalty programs. Points are treated as a payment on an order. They are available for one-time use, multiple uses or can be set to expire at a given date.

group buy offering

American Solutions for Business’ Group Buy offering allows customers and individuals to consolidate their orders to capture a lower price on featured items. Typically, manufacturers provide lower prices for higher volumes. Through Group Buy, you can pool orders for an item with other users to obtain a higher volume/lower item price. Group Buy provides the following advantages:


Lower purchase price
Higher volume discounts
Email notifications of recent activity to encourage additional orders

group buy engine

Featured items updated monthly or quarterly
Predetermined ordering window
Orders are consolidated to capture lowest pricing on featured items
Email notifications of recent activity to encourage additional orders
Product fulfillment once ordering window has closed

Order History

The order history feature allows individual users to view what they have purchased on ACES in the past. Based on the site layout, the order history button or link will be located in a different place.


Available online or emailed on a scheduled basis. Many reports to choose from:

Order detail

Ship to usage

Inventory on hand

Summary statement

Order status




Date range

Many more


Monthly summary basis

Cost allocations

Credit or purchasing card

Electronic data interchange

Licensing/Profit/ Commission Payments

Monthly payments made on paid invoices

Get the information you need…..when you need it.

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