Argentina is on the top of the list for many exporters. The USA exported $10.8 billion in goods to Argentina in 2014 and purchased $4.4 billion. The companies that are already exporting to Argentina understand the hurdles that they must overcome.

In an article by Reuters; “Argentina’s Macri Facing Rising Complaints Over Import Policies” have fallen flat for many exporters. The steps that the President Mauricio Macri has taken have fallen short of the promises he has made. It is difficult to export to Argentina.

To export to Argentina you need to spend time developing and nurturing relationships. The horror stories we hear about companies wanting to export their printed collateral have been numerous. Companies are having a difficult time getting their main product in the country, much less their supporting printed material.

American Solutions for Business (ASB) has developed a great working relationships with many vendors in the country. We have turned print jobs in as little as 48 hours where if you had to ship from the U.S. it would take at least 3-5 days plus international overnight charges, taxes, duties and fees ( which can be a big surprise).

When you print in Argentina with ASB you will get an all-inclusive price including local VAT taxes and shipping. NO SURPRISES!

If you need a one off print job, or an online print portal we can help!

With American Solutions for Business you will:

  • Spend efficiently
  • Optimize effectively
  • Grow Exponentially

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