1) No import taxes, duties and fees. You don’t know what these charges are until you get the invoice.
Their are no surprises!

2) Eliminates all chances of your product being held up in customs.

3) Reduces chances of your product being opened and inspected. Please not, they will open shrink wrap and will page through the product. They never repack it the way it started out.

4) Reduces the changes of damaged product.

5) Shorter delivery times – Production and delivery typically runs 3-5 days.

6) Emergency Replacements! No matter what; there will be mistakes, customer gave the printer the wrong copy, damage material in shipping, lost shipment. When you need more product, we have the ability to react much quicker. When you ship from the USA overnight, it will take 2-3 days and cost you up to 10X the cost of the original shipment, plus more taxes, duties and fees.

7) Marketing Budget vs Operating Budget. Most companies divide their budgets. Marketing is just paying for the printed material. Operations is paying for international shipping, taxes, duties and fees. Take into consideration the big picture when budgeting.

8) You know exactly what your costs are for a job. When you ship internationally all you know what UPS, FedEx and DHL will charge you. They don’t charge you the taxes duties and fees until the delivery is completed.When you print in country, it is plus nothing unless otherwise noted.

9) Prices include all VAT Taxes from the local country. This can range from 10% to 25%.

10) Reduces your carbon footprint!

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